Spicy Soul
During our childhood and our studies, we were fortunate to be able to sniff into the exciting world of spices. For example, we spent many days, nights, summers and years on the charcoal grill to make culinary experiments and to impress our family and friends and to find out in how many different ways our tastes can be stimulated.
While attending the university two guys met, one from  Atlanta, Georgia, BBQ land in the United States, and the other, his European rival from Vienna but with Romanian roots. Both lovers of wine and BBQ. They quickly became friends outside of the university and competitors on the BBQ grill. Each attempting to outperform the other with tasty dishes from the grill.
They soon discovered and amazing recipe good on everything from chicken wings (their absolute favorite) to potatoes. They decided to share this unique blend of herbs and spices with the rest of the world and together they formed the Wings and Wine company – creators of Spicy Soul, the one for all.
This is how Spicy Soul – the one for all has come together by mixing and tasting the best and finest herbs. From this time, our credo, which we represent to this day, also originates: season your soul, because then you live longer and more fulfilled.
With the Spicy Soul spice mixes, each dish becomes something unique.
With the Spicy Soul spice mixes you get part of our passion of grilling and flavoring delivered directly home. To add to your individual cuisine, whether meat, fish or vegetables, Spicy Soul fits in and on any dish. Your family and friends will be delighted with Spicy Soul. You can order all spice mixes directly in our online spice shop.